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Difference between hair fall and hair breakage

October 11, 2019 BY BHT comments
Hair fall & Hair breakage

We usually find our hair losing its original volume and blame it on hair fall. But did you know that hair breakage could also be a huge cause of concern when you find your hair losing their thickness and health? To understand this, we need to address the actual difference between hair fall and hair breakage.

What is hair fall?

Hair fall is essentially hair loss when the root or follicle becomes fine resulting in reducing the hair. This means that your hair falls off from the root and you need to understand that some amount of it is only a natural phenomenon. On average, one loses about 100 strands per day, which means we actually only lose just about 1 percent daily. Hair loss or shedding can be because of poor hair diet or even genetics but losing little hair daily is not a cause of concern unless it takes the form of alopecia, which is spotting bald patches on your scalp.

Can you treat hair fall?

If you wish to treat hair fall and have been worried about losing too many hairs, the solution lies in good nutritious diet like flax seeds, spinach, eggs, meat, fish, etc., taking enough sleep and good intake of water and living stress free life which helps reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall.

What is hair breakage?

This is when your hair breaks from the shaft which results in split ends and your hair strands become shorter. This is because the hair is suffering from dryness and damage on the scalp. Before your hair breaks, you will see that it loses colour and eventually turns into split ends. Moreover, breakage is usually a result of mishandling your hair or excessive usage of heat styling products, chemical build-up and even using the wrong hairbrush.

Can you treat hair breakage?

Hair breakage means your hair feels dry and damaged. This is why those of you suffering from breakage need a product that will slowly but surely treat the problem. Make sure you use the right products that do not dry your hair. Also, while using heat on your hair, apply a good amount of heat protectants.

October 11, 2019 BHT comments