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What Care Should Be Taken Before and After Hair Transplant?

Are you planning for a Hair Transplant? Looking for a Hair transplant clinic in Mumbai? Hair thinning and

All About Body Hair Transplant

Every individual getting a Hair Transplant done has a goal in their mind that he desires to fulfil.

FUT vs FUE! Which one is better for you?

According to Google, the most asked question related to hair were “How do I stop losing hair?”, “What

Summer Hair Care Tips by Dr Vinod Sonawane

Summer is around the corner. And so should be your preparation to deal with the hot sun, dry

Steps in FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery has been one of the surgeries in demand over recent years. A hair transplant surgery

Need of Hair Transplant for your Baldness

Hairfall is the base step of baldness. If you’re shedding hair every day or feel them thinning faster

Importance of Hairline Design in Hair Transplant

The hairline is a key aspect of every human’s look. A perfectly natural hairline can enhance the overall

Iconic Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Vinod Sonawane Wins Midday Health and Wellness Icon Award

India’s iconic and most sought-after hair transplant surgeon Dr. Vinod Sonawane (MD), was awarded Midday Health & Wellness

Ideal Diet for Luscious and Stronger Hair

One of the often repeated adages that one comes across is ‘you are what you eat’. This phrase


When the skies darken and the clouds rumble, the world reacts with joy. This glorious act of nature